About Us

C Block Capital is a blockchain investment fund, incubator, and advisory firm


C Block Capital Group is a private international investment group headquartered in Hong Kong. We are backed by one of Asia’s largest fintech groups and a direct investor in digital assets. 

We provide early-stage start-ups with funding, consulting, and access into the blockchain ecosystem for accelerated growth. We also help established enterprises looking to implement Blockchain solutions to build their strategies.

We aim to be the catalyst for a decentralized future by powering and shaping projects that accelerate the mass adoption of Blockchain.

Incubation Services

Business Concept

  • Business Model Validation
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Ecosystem Design
  • Token Economics Structuring
  • Financial Modelling
  • Whitepaper Development

Legal Guidance

  • Legal Guidance
  • Jurisdiction Guidance
  • Incorporation Guidance
  • AML/KYC Support 

Technical Services

  • Product Development
  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Token Sale Platform
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Audit & Testing
  • Website Development

Community & Marketing

  • Branding Strategy
  • PR & Marketing Strategy
  • Digital & Email Marketing
  • Social Media & Content
  • Bounty & Community Building
  • Meetup Events


  • Investor Relations Strategy
  • Contributor Outreach Coaching
  • Offer Pitch Decks
  • Book-running
  • Roadshows

Post-Sale Services

  • Exchange Listing
  • Market-making
  • OTC Trading
  • Treasury Capital Management
  • Custodial Services
  • Recruitment Services

The Team

Bing LIN

Bing LIN, Chairman & CEO, C Block Capital

Chairman & CEO


Mun Shing CHEONG

Mun Shing CHEONG, Managing Director, C Block Capital

Managing Director



Alan CHOW, Chief Operating Officer, C Block Capital

Chief Operating Officer



Tim LEE, Chief Token Strategist, C Block Capital

Chief Token Strategist


Dylan KWAN

Dylan KWAN, VP - Token Capital Markets, C Block Capital

VP - Token Capital Markets


Jonathan LEE


Investor Relations Manager